Chalmers and Synective Labs Launch FPGA Project Course

Synective Labs and Chalmers University of Technology are collaborating on a project course in FPGAs and VHDL implementation. The course, DAT096, is a one-semester project for Master students where the students will implement a Deep Learning network accelerator into a...

Synective Launches FPGA Trainee Program

Synective remains dedicated to bringing the best and most skilled consultants in RTL programming and FPGA development to the industry. As the market demands rise and the gap between the skills obtained in the educational systems and the skills required by the industry...

Self-Learning BRIO Labyrinth Game

Jacob, our master thesis student from KTH, is now in full swing with his project that involves getting an oldschool BRIO Labyrinth game (equipped with two stepper motors) to learn to play by itself. To achieve this, he uses image processing, Kalman filtering and a...

ECS 2019

The Embedded Conference Scandinavia (ECS) will take place the 6:th and 7:th of November at Kistamässan. Synective Labs will, as always, attend. Be there, or be an equilateral rectangle!

Degree Fair @ KTH Kista

The 2019 Degree Project Fair (Exjobbsmässa) at KTH Kista will take place on Wednesday October 9, 11.30-15.00 in Electrum Atrium (glasgatan). Read more at:

CAN in Space

Join Synective at the “CAN in Space” workshop in Gothenburg the 14:th to 16:th of June. We will be there in cooperation with Kvaser.