FPGA Design and ASIC Design

Synective Labs started off in this field already in 2003 and has over the years built vast experience and knowledge. We have today a world class team with a large degree of senior engineers. With expert knowledge within signal and image processing, algorithm development and several related application areas, we provide solutions to our customers within a wide range of technology fields.

FPGA Design House

FPGAs has become an important part of many high performance products as for example mobile base stations and automotive ADAS systems. The new SOC FPGAs form complete and very advanced systems on a chip, integrating processors, numerous interfaces and FPGA fabric and are in many cases the perfect system component.

Synective operates as a full blown design house for FPGA and ASIC based projects and helps its customer to take full advantage of this technology. We work with all major FPGA vendors and tools and are since long time partners with both Xilinx and Intel (former Altera).


VUnit is a free and open source (FOSS) test framework for FPGAs available at http://vunit.github.io. It builds on the unit testing idea to increase productivity by enabling early and frequent testing through automation. Synective supports VUnit, offering workshops, training and assistance.

We offer:


Design services


Turn key solutions




Expertise guidance




Concept validation

DSN partner

Synective is since long an Intel DSN partner (former Altera DSN).

Alliance program

Synective is since long part of Xilinx’s Alliance program.

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High Performance Embedded

Synective Labs provides high performance embedded solution to a wide range of customers, with a focus on computational and data intense problems.

FPGA/ASIC design

Synective Labs is a leading design house and consulting company within FPGA and ASIC design in the Nordic region.

IP block

The Synective CAN 2.0/CAN FD IP core implements a complete CAN controller for integration into FPGAs and ASICs.

Image and Signal Processing

Synective Labs specializes in algorithm development for image and signal processing, with many years of experience from advanced camera, radar and sensor systems.

Server Based Acceleration

Synective Labs work with some of the world’s leading providers of hardware for server-based acceleration, in order to reach state of the art results.

Machine Learning

Synective Labs is actively researching and implementing machine learning with deep neural networks designed to fit on small edge FPGAs and other low power embedded systems. 

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