Machine learning

Machine Learning and Deep Learning for embedded, edge systems is a very interesting technology. No need for internet connections – enabling decisions to be made right at the sensor which in turn reduces latency and downtime. We have strong competence in Machine Learning on the edge and our services covers any part of the development phase, from feasibility studies and algorithm development to accelerated implementations in hardware such as FPGA, GPU or CPU.

We offer services:


Deep Learning on FPGA


Algorithm Development


Training Data Collection


Hardware Acceleration of Machine Learning Algorithms


Feasibility Studies and Consultation

As the hardware capabilities have grown, so has the size of the neural networks. But in recent years there has been a shift in focus to make the networks as small as possible. This means that the power of Deep Learning has become available for mobile phones, IoT devices and other embedded systems.

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Deep Learning on FPGA

Deep Learning on FPGA

Synective has developed a demo system to showcase the power of embedded FPGA Deep Learning. It was able to classify hand-written digits using nothing but a tiny, low-end FPGA and a camera.

Finger Recognition on Raspberry Pi

Finger Recognition on Raspberry Pi

Synective has designed a CNN that is optimized with respect to memory footprint and inference speed. The network is implemented and runs on the ARM processor of the Raspberry Pi.

High Performance Embedded

Synective Labs provides high performance embedded solution to a wide range of customers, with a focus on computational and data intense problems.

FPGA/ASIC design

Synective Labs is a leading design house and consulting company within FPGA and ASIC design in the Nordic region.

IP block

The Synective CAN 2.0/CAN FD IP core implements a complete CAN controller for integration into FPGAs and ASICs.

Image and Signal processing

Synective Labs specializes in algorithm development for image and signal processing, with many years of experience from advanced camera, radar and sensor systems.

Server Based Acceleration

Synective Labs work with some of the world’s leading providers of hardware for server-based acceleration, in order to reach state of the art results.

Machine Learning

Synective Labs is researching the optimal implementation of deep neural networks on small edge FPGAs and other embedded systems.

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