Server Based Acceleration

State of the art technology

Application acceleration and CPU offloading using FPGAs and GPGPUs has today become mainstream for many large scale computational tasks. Deep Learning, image processing, scientific research and autonomous cars are all leaning on state of the art acceleration technology, to cope with the extreme computational workloads. Synective has since long worked in this field, offering customers both implementation services and complete turn-key solutions.

Large savings

Accelerating server based computations using FPGAs and GPUs many times results in a 10x or more speed-up, opening up interesting possibilities.

It means that a much smaller server park can be used to solve a specific problem, or, for a same sized server park, the productivity will be increased with the same factor. This does not only result in large power savings, but also savings on equipment and of course the server cluster footprint.

Quick deployment using high level languages

The tools has over the last years improved significantly and today, there are many high level language alternatives for CPU offloading, enabling faster development cycles and higher availability to a larger audience.

  • OpenCL for FPGAs and GPGPUs
  • C/C++ using High Level Synthesis for FPGAs
  • Manufacturer specific offerings: CUDA, SDSOC etc

Power consumption






Streaming Solutions

FPGA based networks cards for ultra low latency and streaming applications have become mainstream for trading platforms and other financial applications. They are also well suited for on-the-fly encryption/ decryption, network filtering, real time monitoring, and similar solutions, providing a high degree of CPU offloading.

Server Based Acceleration

Servers equipped with FPGAs for acceleration gain more and more traction. They offer tremendous speed-up for specific problems, but even more interesting, they do it at low power! Hard floating point cores are now also paving the way into FPGAs, making them an interesting alternative in territories earlier ruled by GPGPUs.


Servers accelerated with GPGPUs are today used to tackle many scientific problems, where Deep Learning lately has become one of the most popular ones. GPGPUs, offering a large array of floating point compute elements, shines when applied to highly parallel algorithms with heavy computations.

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High Performance Embedded

Synective Labs provides high performance embedded solution to a wide range of customers, with a focus on computational and data intense problems.

FPGA/ASIC design

Synective Labs is a leading design house and consulting company within FPGA and ASIC design in the Nordic region.

IP block

The Synective CAN 2.0/CAN FD IP core implements a complete CAN controller for integration into FPGAs and ASICs.

Image and Signal Processing

Synective Labs specializes in algorithm development for image and signal processing, with many years of experience from advanced camera, radar and sensor systems.

Server Based Acceleration

Synective Labs work with some of the world’s leading providers of hardware for server-based acceleration, in order to reach state of the art results.

Machine Learning

Synective Labs is actively researching and implementing machine learning with deep neural networks designed to fit on small edge FPGAs and other low power embedded systems. 

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