VUnit is an open source unit testing framework for VHDL/SystemVerilog released under the terms of Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. It features the functionality needed to realize continuous and automated testing of your HDL code. VUnit doesn’t replace but rather complements traditional testing methodologies by supporting a “test early and often” approach through automation.

The VUnit project mission is to apply best SW testing practices to the world of HDLs by providing the tools missing to adapt to such practices. The major missing piece is the unit testing framework, hence the name V(HDL)Unit. However, VUnit also provides supporting functionality not normally considered as a part of a unit testing framework.

VUnit – A Test Framework for HDL 


Increases productivity by enabling early and frequent testing, through automation


Recognized and established


Free and open source



VUnit is available as open source on Github


Supports ModelSim/Questa, Riviera-PRO, Active-HDL. GHDL, and Incisive


Mentoring and workshops provided by Lars Asplund, initiator and author of VUnit


Synective offers workshops and training for organizations that are about to start using Vuint, or who are just curious about how Vunit would improve their way of working.

We also assist organizations while implementing Vuint as a natural part of the way of working.

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